Has it already happened?

There are many conspiracy theories whizzing around the internet. Most fizzle out after a few turns around the block, but a few remain. Some become giants, with whole websites, books and TV programs devoted to them – 9/11, Princess Diana, JFK etc. Some persist, but are virtually unknown to most people. Whispers are heard, internet forum posts are made, the occasional article (such as this one) is written. But for the most part, they are lost in the raging sea of controversy that preoccupies many of us. While we search for answers to those questions that affect us now (Is climate change real? Am I going to be killed by Al-Qaeda?), truly wonderful stories become subdued.

In 1974, American documentary producer, Robert Emenegger, was asked by the Republican Party to produce a film about UFOs, using only official, government people and files. He was promised footage of an actual ‘flying saucer’ landing that had occurred at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico back in 1964. His film was made and given the title of UFOs: Past, Present and Future.

Unfortunately, the promised footage was never forthcoming, but Emenegger had shot the dramatised parts of the segment beforehand (air force officers answering telephones, emergency trucks driving around, that kind of thing). These would have been used as inserts into the actual landing footage. What he was forced to do instead was use paintings of the alien craft and the meeting that occurred with its occupants.

A few years later, in 1976, the documentary was re-released as UFOs: It Has Begun and again in 1979 (no doubt to cash in on the success of the Steven Spielberg smash-hit movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind), with additional material added from French ufologist Jacques Vallee and sections concerned with animal mutilations.

Did the meeting at Holloman AFB actually occur, or was it a ruse, a piece of misinformation with which to taint Emenegger’s otherwise excellent documentary? Rumours abound that Emenegger actually saw the footage for himself, yet in an interview for a History Channel program, he said that he asked about the footage at Wright-Patterson AFB, but he did not elaborate on whether he was shown it or not. It was all very hazy, murky and confusing.

Nevertheless, the stories that a meeting between top US military officials and representatives from an alien race actually did take place in 1964 persist to this day.

In 1974, Robert Emenegger published a book to accompany the release of his documentary. Large sections of it are almost word-for-word identical to the television program and it is an interesting read that expands. When it comes to the Holloman AFB landing, barely three pages are devoted to it! Here is the full text of that segment of the book:

Let us look at an incident that might happen in the future – or perhaps could have happened already.

The premise is that alien contact is made by extraterrestrial beings with representatives of the United States Air Force at Holloman AFB in the deserts of New Mexico.

Early morning is breaking over the cool gray New Mexico desert. We are in the operations tower of Holloman Air Force Base at the landing field.

We hear, over an intercom, a voice: "Check list April . . . Charlie four standing by." From within the tower, we hear a control operator giving some data to a pilot: "Wind, northeasterly—two knots. Temperature sixty-eight degrees, visibility ten miles and clearing." Behind the operator's voice, airmen are making small talk about the lousy coffee.

The day is clear. It's about 5:30 A.M. Traffic is light; one recon plane is on the field ready for takeoff when the tower phone rings and Sergeant Mann is given a report of an approaching unidentified craft.

We shift to the radar hut. On the scope several blips appear as the radar scans the sky. The radarman leans into his phone: "I'll repeat it again—unidentified approaching objects—on coordinate forty-niner—thirty-four degrees southwest following an erratic approach course..."

The controller, sipping his coffee, responds: "Probably a stray—civilian maybe? Keep me informed." He turns to his associate. "Check with Edwards." He scoots his chair up next to the radioman's. "Make contact with him, Bill."

The radio operator depresses the talk button and flicks a control switch: "This is Holloman Air Force Base Control Tower. Identify yourself. You are encroaching on military air space—warning—identify yourself— what is your tail number? You are in a restricted military air corridor." There is a pause and the airman turns to the controller: "No response."

The controller searches the airman's face for a reaction. "My god, what the hell do you make of it?" He pushes the intercom, connecting him to the base commander. He passes his binoculars to the airman, saying, "Here, look through my glasses."

Inside the commander's pale green office, a sergeant picks up the phone: "Base commander's office, Sergeant Whitmore speaking. Yes, yes—hold on. Colonel, for you."

The colonel swivels around in his chair and picks up the line: "This is Colonel Horner. Yes . . . yes, an unidentified vehicle. You warned the craft again? It's a what shape? . . . Check Edwards? . . . The civilian patrol? OK, right." The colonel sits for a moment with the phone in his lap, then makes a decision. Pushing a line on the squawk box, he leans forward: "Sound a red alert—unidentified craft approaching." He rises and calls to his aide, "Bill, make a quick check with Wright-Patterson and Intelligence—it may be an experimental craft from nearby. Alert the fire chief and security and safety." Searching for the plausible explanation, he mutters, "Sounds like a damned lunar module experiment."

Two military interceptors are dispatched to escort the unidentified craft out of the area.

By chance, cameramen, a technical sergeant and a staff sergeant, of the base photographic team, are aboard a base helicopter on a routine photographic mission at the time, and they run off several feet of film of three objects in the sky over Holloman. One of the objects breaks away and begins a descent. A second high-speed camera crew, set up to photograph a test launch, turn their camera toward the object and run off approximately six hundred feet of 16mm color film.

The cameras continued to roll as the extraordinary vehicle comes into view. It hovers, almost silently, about ten feet off the ground for nearly a minute, and yaws like a ship at anchor. Then it sets down on three extension arms.

The commander and two officers, along with two base Air Force scientists, arrive and wait apprehensively. A panel slides open on the side of the craft.

Stepping forward, there are one, then a second, and a third—what appear to be men dressed in tight-fitting jump suits. Perhaps short by our standards, with an odd blue-gray complexion, eyes set far apart. A large, pronounced nose. They wear headpieces that resemble rows of a rope-like design.

The commander and the two scientists step forward to greet the visitors. Arrangements are made by some inaudible sort of communication and the group quickly retires to an inner office in the King I area. There they are met and guided to the end of Mars Street to the west area building number 930. Left behind stand a stunned group of military personnel. Who the visitors are, where they're from, and what they want is unknown.

For an event that ‘might happen’ or ‘may have already happened’, it goes into some detail, giving names, times, amounts of footage shot etc. A big clue in my opinion that dates this to the 1964 event is the comment made by the colonel about it perhaps being a ‘lunar module experiment’. NASA was getting its moon missions into gear during the Sixties, following John F Kennedy’s famous speech of 1961 that set the goal of ‘placing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth’. It has been suggested, though, that the UFO landing actually occurred in 1971, but this would also still place it within America’s Apollo moon program.

One of the people that Emenegger and his partner, Allan Sandler, met during their negotiations for the Holloman footage was Paul Shartle, a senior officer at Norton AFB, California. In 1988, Emenegger and Shartle would appear in a television special called UFO Coverup – Live. Here it was revealed that twelve seconds of the Holloman landing footage was actually used in the UFOs: Past, Present and Future documentary. Shartle stated that the footage was real and that he had seen it in its entirety several times.

The Holloman story took another twist when in late 2005, a former military insider, who goes under the name ‘Anonymous’ began releasing material about a project called SERPO.

‘Anonymous’ claimed that the United States government had been in contact with a race of aliens that were called Ebens by the military. They were from the planet SERPO, a world that resided in the Zeta Reticuli star system, some thirty-nine light years from Earth. The contact had gone so far as to include an exchange of personnel, with a dozen military personnel travelling to SERPO and spending thirteen years there before returning in 1978 (the year that Spileberg’s Close Encounters depicted military officers returning home aboard a UFO, as well as new personnel preparing to leave). Of the twelve people that went, only eight returned – two died on the alien world and two decided to remain there. All of the eight that came home have since died.

Among ‘Anonymous’ revelations was a brief mention of a landing and meeting that took place ‘close to Holloman AFB’ on 24th April, 1964. Two Eben ships were due to arrive, but one landed at the wrong location. The other craft found the meeting site without any problems.

Curiously, according to the SERPO releases, the craft that ‘got lost’ landed at Socorro, New Mexico. Check the date: 24th April, 1964. The same day that police officer Lonnie Zamora saw his egg-shaped UFO outside Socorro, New Mexico!

In 1994, a strange, wooden mask appeared in the public domain. It appears to be an archaeological relic of some sort, but has National Security Agency (NSA) and United States Air Force (USAF) labels affixed to its reverse. Since when did these agencies become interested in archaeology?

It has been suggested that the mask resembles the descriptions of the headgear worn by the aliens at the Holloman AFB meeting. I will leave you to make up your own mind…

So, what is to be done with all of these rumours of human/alien interactions? If the military are really meeting with extra-terrestrials and even travelling to their homeworld on occasion, what is the purpose? No doubt, great scientific discoveries have been made and perhaps shared by the aliens. Are they sharing this knowledge with their new human chums? If these liaisons really do take place, then have we seen any practical applications from any exchanged technology here on Earth?

There have been countless technological breakthroughs in the last fifty or sixty years, but all of them can be accounted to the human geniuses involved in their development. As far as we know, there has been no technological aid given by an alien race to the US military or anybody else on Earth for that matter.

I have to ask: if they are not here to share their knowledge and advancements, then why are they here? Is there a more sinister agenda at work, one that the powers-that-be must keep secret at all costs?

© Steve Johnson - 2006


Thanks to Joshua Shapiro of for granting permission to use the image of the wooden mask.


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Updated 16th August, 2012