1. Dynasty
(Bill Conti) Carlin Music Corp (P) 1984
2. Theme from "The Onedin Line" (Love Theme from "Spartacus")
(Khachaturian arr. Charles-Newell) Plantagenet Music Co Ltd (P) 1972
3. Chi Mai (from The Life and Times Of David Lloyd George)
(Morricone) BBC Enterprises Ltd EMl Music Publishing Ltd (P) 1981
4. Brldeshead Revisited
(Geoffrey Burgon) J. & W. Chester/Edition Wilhelm Hansen London Ltd (MCPS) (P)1982
5. Theme from "Hill street Blues"
(Mike Post) Screen Gems-EMl Music Ltd (P) 1984
6. Theme from "Coronation Street"
(Spear) Northern Songs Ltd (P) 1963
7. Eye Level
(Trombey) De Wolfe Ltd/ (MCPS) (P) 1981


1. Reilly (from Thames T.V. Series "Reilly Ace Of Spies")
(arranged by Harry Rabinowitz) Standard Music Ltd (P) 1984
2. The Edwardians (theme from "Upstairs, Downstairs")
(Faris) Standard Music Ltd (P) 1973
3. Theme from Dallas
(Immel) Intersong Music Ltd (P) 1982
4. Love Theme from "The Winds of War"
(Bob Cobert) Bruin Music Company/Famous Chappell (P)1984
5. Match Of The Day
(Stoller) RAK Publ. Ltd (P)1972
6. The Pink Panther Theme
(Mancini) United Partnership Ltd (P) 1979
7. Love Theme from The Thorn Birds
(Henry Mancini) Warner Bros Music Ltd (P) 1984

Recorded at Abbey Road, Chappell and Olympic studios
Recording Engineers: Peter Bown, John Kurlander, John Iles and John Timperley
Associate Producer: Gil King Produced by Norman Newell
(P) Original Sound Recordings made by Supertunes Ltd This compilation 1984 Music for Pleasure

MFP 41 5684 1