A Discography of


(aka Geoff Love)

(Thanks to Mark Walker for this brilliant list of the records in his collection)

7" Singles

Title Label No. Comment
The Honeymoon Song Columbia DB 4323  
The Portuguese Washerwomen Columbia DB 4515  
Somewhere My Love Columbia DB 7969  
Adagio (In G Minor) Columbia DB 9071 Demonstration copy
Ode To England RCA Victor 103580 Australian import
Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto EMI EMI 2383  



Title Label No. Comment
“Mountain Carnival” Columbia SX 1359  
“Mountain Carnival” Columbia SX 1359 Reissue
“Mountain Carnival” Columbia SX 1359 Reissue, stereo
“Ecstasy” Columbia SX 1538  
Exotica Columbia SX 1770  
The Music Of The Mountains Columbia SCX 3297 Stereo
Beyond The Mountains Columbia SX 6203  
This Is Manuel! Columbia St. 2 STWO 5  
Blue Waters Columbia St. 2 TWO 131  
Beyond The Mountains Columbia St. 2 TWO 184  
Cascade Columbia St. 2 TWO 336 Reissue?
Carnival Columbia St. 2 TWO 337  
The Sun, The Sea And The Sky Columbia St. 2 TWO 399  
Y Viva España EMI St 2 Stereo TWOX 1015  
Manuel And The Voices Of… EMI St 2 Stereo TWOX 1036  
El Bimbo EMI St 2 Stereo TWOX 1042  
Masquerade EMI St 2 Stereo TWOX 1055  
The Magic Of Manuel EMI St 2 Stereo TWOX 1073  
More Manuel


EMSS 1  
Manuel Meets Pepe Jaramillo


SRS 5195 With Pepe Jaramillo
The Story Of A Starry Night MFP MFP 50340  
Bolero! MFP MFP 4156781  
Mountain Fiesta Sounds Superb SPR 90021  
You And The Night And The… Sounds Superb SPR 90071