Themes for Super Heroes





1. Superman

2. The Incredible Hulk

3. The Bionic Woman

4. Spiderman

5. Blake's 7

6. Return of the Saint


1. Batman

2. Wonder Woman

3. Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme from Superman)

4. Six Million Dollar Man

5. Dr. Who

6. Dick Barton (Devil's Gal op) [sic]


Recorded at EMI Studios London
Recording Engineer: John Kurlander
Associate Producer: Gil King

Produced by Norman Newell

Everybody loves a winner, everyone needs a hero - never more so than today, at a time when life seems to have been divested of so much of its natural glamour and fun.  The early '70s age of realism, when nobody was impressed by the star syndrome and everyone knew that heroes were just ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations has given way to a time when we yearn
for the old kind of hero, the superman, the superwoman, capable of feats which no ordinary mortal could aspire to.

Hard times breed a need for fantasy, for dreams.  Kitchen-sink dramas lose their appeal and we yearn once more for pure Hollywood.  Where, five years ago, box-office winner movies showed life in all its stark, often cruel reality, today it is the great fantasies which are drawing the crowds back to the big screens through the likes of "Star Wars" and Superman. 
Television ratings too underline this trend with shows like The Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk and The Six Million Dollar Man attracting huge audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

Music plays a major role in creating the pedestals on which these superheroes stand in all their unassailable majesty.  Each hero needs his own signature tune, music which, in itself, can build an atmosphere, a magical aura to frame his deeds of daring-do.

Dr Who's theme immediately creates a mood of space and time travel; Devil's Gal op, the theme from Dick Barton-Special Agent, draws you to the edge of your seat; the theme from The Incredible Hulk sets muscles rippling and Batman's theme assures you that the villains will not get away with their evil ways for long.

Put 12 of the very best Themes For Super Heroes together on one album and you've got a selection of music to set the pulse racing and maybe to inspire emulation - only in your imaginations of course!


Geoff Love & His Orchestra: Themes For Super Heroes
12" Vinyl / Cassette, 1979
Axis / EMI Australia AXIS 6410


This album was generously contributed by Matt Jeffery.