Your Hundred Instrumental Favourites Volume 3





1. Legend of the Glass Mountain

(from the film of the same name) Solo pianist: Robert Docker [ROTA] Keith Prowse Music Publ. Ltd./EMI 1972

2. Aria

(Bardotti/Bembo) Fresh Air Music Ltd./MCPS 1981

3. Johnson Rag

(From "Ragtime With Love")(Hall-Kleinkauf) Big 3 Music Ltd/United Artists Ltd 1974

4. Theme from "Moulin Rouge"

(From "More Waltzes with Love") (Auric) Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd/MCPS 1979

5. In An 18th Century Drawing Room

(Scott) Cinephonic Music Co Ltd 1981

6. Canadian Sunset

(From "All-Time Orchestral Hits") (Heywood) Chappell Morris Ltd 1974

7. Theme from The Magnificent Seven

(From "Big Western Movie Themes") (Bernstein) United Artists Music Ltd 1969



1. The Birthday Cakewalk

(Love) Harvard Music Ltd 1981

2. Chi Mai

(From 'The Life And Times Of David Lloyd George')(Morricone)BBC Enterprises Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd 1981

3. Misty

(Burke/Gardner) Chappell Music Ltd 1981

4. Chariots of Fire Theme

(Vangelis) Warner Bros Music Ltd 1981

5. Stranger on the Shore

(From "All-Time Orchestral Hits")(Bilk) R. Mellin Ltd 1974

6. Clair De Lune

(From "Melodies That Live Forever")(Debussy Arr. Love) Soloist: Neil Rhoden Elcien Music 1973

7. Delicado

(Lawrence/Azevedo) Lafleur & Son 1981


Recorded at Abbey Road, Chappells and the Music Centre, Wembley, Studios.

Recording Engineers: Peter Bown, John Iles, John Timperley, Richard Golding and John Richards

Produced by Norman Newell.

A Supertunes Production

Also available on the MFP label on both LP and cassette:-

Your Hundred Instrumental Favourites Volume 1 (MFP 50498

and Volume 2 (MFP 50512)

Original Sound Recording Made By Supertunes Ltd.

This Compilation 1982 Music For Pleasure Ltd

MFP 50545